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Food Photography | Charlotte, NC & Beyond


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our photos have been featured in places like...

Ebony amanda-richardson-photography_edited.jpg
paper city amanda-richardson-photography
2 q city metro amanda-richardson-photography.png
charlotte observer amanda-richardson-photography.png
1 q project q atlanta amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
1 travel noire amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
lake norman magazine amanda-richardson-photography

How you feel when you're having your pictures taken heavily influences how you will feel when you see yourself in your final images.

We specialize in creating comfortable, joyful and genuine experiences for our clients.




Amanda Richardson is a food photography expert. She combines her passion for the art of photography with her clients' love of food from Charlotte, NC, and beyond.


Amanda's culinary background and artistic vision are the key ingredients needed to bring your brand to life.

ways to work with us.

need help with your logo & website too?


Connect with your customers visually. Stand out.

Everyone is visual - we have to communicate in a visual way as more and more people don't read.

Professional branding differentiates ambassadors from the amateurs.

Perception is everything. Be the authority.


our clients say...

After her first food photography session: “The value of the digital imagery is simply amazing. My food photos are working to help me connect with my ideal clients. THANK YOU!”

Several sessions later: "I just booked three clients in one day, so something is working. My photos created the shift in my business that I wanted to happen this year."

Chef Monica Thomas, Washington DC, Tailored Taste & Tailored Taste Coaching

tailored-taste-amanda-richardson-photography-Chef Monica Thomas-Washington DC--299.jpg

Working Together

We value your time and know you're busy.

Email us about the of project you want to get started.

We can't wait!

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